Praie Swimwear DO NOT assume shipping cost for exchanges and guarantees.


Address to send or bring your exchanges and guarantees:

CALLE 9A # 73 - 95 INT 302 BQ 1, Urbanización Cercanías de la Mota, Medellín, State: Antioquia, Country: Colombia.

Send it to: PRAIE VESTIDOS DE BAÑO - NIT 8356982-5 / Tel: (60 4) 5806575

Schedule: You can deliver to the porter's lodge 24 hours a day, any day of the week (Yes we have physical attention at our address, you can come to make your changes from Monday to Friday from 10am - 4pm and Saturdays from 10am - 1pm).

We are located in the ''Barrio Belén La Mota'', 1 block from the ''Clínica de las Américas''. In front of ''La Mota'' Mall.

Bus route: Circular Sur 302 and 303.

Metro and Metro Plus: Close to stations: Aguacatala and Belén Rosales. 

You must bring or dispatch the Invoice or Remission in all cases.





     JR MENSAJERÍA:  +57 3127638717 (WhatsApp)

     GP MENSAJERÍA EXPRESS:  +57 3023452061 (WhatsApp)

     MAX VUELTAS:  +57 3046467026 (WhatsApp)




Deadline for exchanges: 20 calendar days after receiving the order.

You must send or bring the exchange in new condition, in its original packaging, and with a copy of the invoice or remission. If you send the exchange, you must add to the package $ 10,000 COP of the cost of the freight to return the exchange to you (Praie Swimwear DOES NOT assume the freights of exchanges and guarantees). If you do not send the $ 10,000 COP of the cost of the return freight, the exchange will be dispatched with PAYMENT AGAINST DELIVERY (It is very possible that you end up paying more than the $ 10,000 COP initially required). On the back of the invoice or remission, you must specify the reason for the exchange and the product and size for which you want to exchange it. If you wish to add a different address for us to ship the exchange, it must also be noted on the back of the invoice or remission. If the product you purchased has a higher value than the product you want to exchange, we will send you the difference in cash, in the exchange package. If, on the contrary, it has a lower value, you must send the difference in cash in the package. Once the exchange arrives at our address, we will send it to you within 24 business hours maximum. The same day of the dispatch we'll send you the new tracking number of the carrier by email. If you come personally to bring the change, you can leave it at the doorman, at any time, fulfilling all the indicated requirements. We also have physical attention at our address, you can come to make your changes from Monday to Friday from 10am - 4pm and Saturdays from 10am - 1pm)..

* Some transporters do not allow money to be sent, so we recommend that you do not report to the carrier that your package also contains money, report only the product you are sending and seal it well with tape. If you definitely choose NOT to send cash in the package, once your change reaches our address: An advisor will contact you to coordinate the payment of the missing money for your change.



Term for guarantees: 20 calendar days after receiving the order.

You should contact us and explain the problem in detail with photos to WhatsApp: +57 3014264930. If we confirm the guarantee, you must send it with a copy of the invoice or remission (Praie Swimwear DO NOT assume the freight of exchanges and guarantees). On the back of the invoice or remission you should detail the problem. We will be contacting you with every novelty.



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* Praie Vestidos de Baño DO NOT receive, under any circumstances, parcel shipments with FREIGHT PAYMENT AGAINST DELIVERY: If for any reason you send a package under this modality, we recommend that you return to the office where you made the shipment and exchange the mode to COUNTED. Any package that arrives at Praie Vestidos de Baño with FREIGHT PAYMENT AGAINST DELIVERY, will be returned to the sender, which will generate a double freight charge by the transporter.


* If you send the package and forget to meet any of the requirements mentioned above in the 2 cases: exchanges and guarantees, do not worry, an advisor will contact you upon receipt of your shipment to coordinate what is needed.


If you want to make an EXCHANGE and place a NEW ORDER to SAVE the shipping cost of the CHANGE: You must send the package for EXCHANGE, meeting all the requirements stated above, in the instructions for EXCHANGES and add, on the back of your printed invoice, the following text: ''I AM GOING TO MAKE A NEW PURCHASE SO THAT YOU SEND THE EXCHANGE AND THE NEW ORDER TOGETHER''. In this way, YOU DO NOT SEND THE $10,000 COP of the freight cost IN THE EXCHANGE PACKAGE. The same day that you correctly dispatched or delivered the CHANGE, you must place the new order on the website by selecting the option: Quiero recibir mi pedido con el CAMBIO enviado.



Vestido de Baño Enterizo PRAIE REF: 2331 Manga Larga Short
Pantaloneta de Baño PRAIE REF: 2334B Tiburones *Antifluido
Vestido de Baño Enterizo NIÑAS PRAIE REF: 2410N Tiburones