Pay by bank wire or CASH Deposit to Savings Accounts: BANCOLOMBIA 10232636078 / COLPATRIA 4992008385


After clicking on '' CONFIRM ORDER AND PAY '', you must pay as follows:

Accounts payable to: JUAN ESTEBAN GONZALEZ ALVAREZ CC 8356982

COLPATRIA: Savings account # 4992008385 (SWIFT CODE: COLPCOBB)

BANCOLOMBIA S.A: Savings account # 10232636078 (SWIFT CODE: COLOCOBM)

FREE Bancolombia Cash Deposit at: ''Corresponsal Bancario''.

Send your payment receipt and order reference to:

WhatsApp: +57 3014264930 >>

It is indispensable to relate the order reference.

Term: 2 business days maximum to pay after registering the order on the website.


Payment with Mercado Pago >>


After you click in ''CONFIRM ORDER AND PAY'', please pay as follow:

Choose the payment method you want:

If you choose ''Tarjeta de crédito'' or ''pse'' (Debit Cards): Enter the data of your card and click on '' Pagar ''. Accreditation is instantaneous. We receive all debit and credit cards.

In both cases it is NOT necessary to send the payment receipt, because payment immediately charge in our system.

* We accept debit cards from all banks in Colombia by PSE >>



If you choose EFECTY: You do not need to print the PAYMENT COUPON, just dictating the number to the cashier of any EFECTY office and saying that it is a MERCADO PAGO payment is enough. The payment is instantly credited and you do NOT need to send the receipt, because the payment immediately charge into our system.


Buy now, pay later! Pay in 3 installments with 0% interest! You only need your ID and WhatsApp! >>


After clicking on ''CONFIRM ORDER AND PAY'', you will pay like this:

We will contact you from WhatsApp 3014264930 >> to confirm the payment

You only need your ID and WhatsApp

In minutes we will tell you if we approve your purchase

The best thing is that you start paying your first installment in a month!


Pay with PayPal >>


To be able to pay with PayPal you must first modify the Currency from '' COP $ '' to '' USD $ '' at the top of the web page, because PayPal does NOT work in '' Currency: COP $ ''.

After you click in ''CONFIRM ORDER AND PAY'', please pay as follow >>


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